Projects are usually centred around a few key items but required quantities of diverse accessory items are often too small to justify procurement direct from each respective manufacturer. In such cases, it makes sense to think about placing the order as a package.

This approach is not new and is offered by many trading companies but their service usually ends at the delivery stage. Material will be called forward from the manufacturer and shipped directly to site without material and packing having been inspected or checked before shipment. Any mistake, mix-up or damage due to inadequate packing will not be noticed until weeks later after arrival of material at site, with consequent damage to the project's time schedule and cost budget. This is the moment when mistakes can become really expensive.

FARO - All Project Material and Technical Supplies GmbH provides additional service before this critical stage is reached. We gather all material at our warehouse first, inspect it and repack it in a proper way so as to reach site in ready to use condition. Needless to say, we make sure that mill test certificates are in compliance with the delivered material and the customer's project specification.

This additional inspection in our warehouse is not just an additional quality aspect for you but can also represent an additional saving when it comes to third party inspections. We present the material at one place and at one point in time for your inspector.

We monitor and control the full process from order placement to final documentation in order to guarantee smooth project execution.

Clients all over the world make use of this advantage to complement their own purchasing , expediting and inspection resources by placing complete piping package orders at competitive prices with FARO - All Project Material and Technical Supplies GmbH commissioning staff enabling us to satisfy each customer's individual logistical requirements.