High Pressure Fittings

We have extended our stock program!
Now, we are in the position to deliver the following products from stock:

  • High Pressure Fittings Class 3000# and 6000# according ANSI B 16.11
    in the execution: SW and NPT-threaded, black and galvanized
  • O’lets (Weldolets, Sockolets, Threadolets, Nipolets)
    Sweepolets, Latrolets, Elbolets, Nipoflanges and custom made nozzles acc. drawings
  • Pipe Nipple in lengths of 50 to 300 mm
    in the execution: TBE, TOE and PBE
  • Concentric and Eccentric Swage Nipple according MSS SP-95
    in the execution: TBE, BBE, PBE, BLE/TSE (partly available TLE/BSE)

At present we stock such products in the here under stated grades of material:

Product Group: Forged Fittings Pipe Nipple Swage Nipple
Grade: ASTM A-105 ASTM A-106 Gr. B ASTM A-106 Gr. B / ASTM A-234 Gr. WPB
ASTM A-350 LF2 ASTM A-333 Gr. 6 ASTM A-333 Gr. 6 / ASTM A-420 Gr. WPL6
ASTM A-182 F304/L ASTM A-312 TP304/L ASTM A-312 TP304/L ASTM A-403 WP304/L
ASTM A-182 F316/L ASTM A-312 TP316/L ASTM A-312 TP316/L / ASTM A-403 WP316/L
ASTM A-182 F321 ASTM A-312 TP321 ASTM A-312 TP321 / ASTM A-403 WP321
ASTM A-182 F11 ASTM A-335 Gr. P11 ASTM A-335 Gr. P11 / ASTM A-234 WP11
ASTM A-182 F22 ASTM A-335 Gr. P22 ASTM A-335 Gr. P22 / ASTM A-234 WP22

On special request we are capable to supply all our products in any other grade of material:
(for instance.: LF3, F11, F5, F9, F91, Duplex, Titan, Nickel Alloys etc.)